Governor Says No To More Coal Burning In Minnesota

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Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton's Official Photo

Dayton Says No To More Coal Burning

Govenor Mark Dayton says a bill that would allow more coal-burning electricity plants in Minnesota threatens our health and our climate and isn’t needed. So he is vetoing it.

The bill would have significantly rolled back Minnesota’s restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions from electrical utilities and allowed Minnesota to increase its coal-burning capacity by 30%. Dayton said the increase was “unwise and unnecessary.”

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission says Minnesota doesn’t need such an increase for at least another 15 years. He would rather see the dollars invested in “clean energy” . Dayton also says the costs of importing coal from other states are “excessively high and uncertain” and rate impacts on low-income Minnesotans and small businesses would be severe.
Governor Dayton’s Veto Of Coal Burning Bill

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