MN GOP Leaders Fend Off Questions About Party Chair’s Comments

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House Speaker Kurt Zellers (R) and Senator Majority Leader Amy Koch (R) try to fend off press questions about their party chair Tony Sutton who has suggested Governor Mark Dayton is mentally unstable.

Zellers claims he doesn’t know what Sutton’s comments were. They’ve been widely reported in the media and part of a just launched anti-Dayton Republican party website and the subject of a rebuttal editorial by Republican Senate Communications Specialist Michael Brodkorb. Zellers then tries to change the subject to talk about comments from DFL Party Chair Ken Martin. Reporters are not detoured by that.

“We can ask the Democrats about that, but I’m asking you about your party chair” says Star Tribune reporter Rachel Stassen-Berger.

Zellers responds that he doesn’t “run away” from things that are uncomfortable, which echos what Sutton implied about Dayton, which he is “running away” from things because of mental instability. Asked about using that phrase, Zellers defers to Senator Amy Koch who says Sutton doesn’t speak for her.

Asked if it is uncomfortable to be asked about what Sutton is saying about Dayton, Koch says she tries to “keep the tone and rhetoric down”.

Michael McIntee

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