Dayton Details Minnesota Government Shutdown Plan

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Press release from Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton’s office:
“It is with a heavy heart that I submitted today to Ramsey County District Court my list of those state services which should be continued in the event of a July 1st shutdown and, by their omission, those many services which should not. I consider virtually all services provided by the state to be essential, and all of them have been established by previous governors and legislatures to serve and benefit people throughout Minnesota.

“My decisions were not based upon personal preferences or policy considerations. Rather, they were instructed by the words of the Minnesota Constitution, which I took an oath of office to uphold, and ensuing case law. Agency heads, their staffs, and the staff at the MN Department of Management and Budget and the Governor’s Office have spent many hours developing these recommendations.

“The Minnesota Constitution states unequivocally: “No money shall be paid out of the treasury of this state except in pursuance of an appropriation by law.” (Article XI, Sect. 1.) Thus my decisions were based entirely upon which functions of state government are so critical to the protection of the lives and safety of the people of Minnesota, or which would cause disorder or severe statewide economic impact, that they should be made exceptions to this clear prohibition.

“Importantly, my brief first asks the Court to order Legislative Leaders and me to engage in mediation to help us resolve our differences before July 1st to avoid a shutdown. My evaluation of critical services has persuaded me even more deeply that a shutdown would have catastrophic consequences for a great many people throughout our state. I remain fully committed to doing everything I can to reach a balanced compromise with the Legislature on a fair and balanced budget before July 1st in order to avoid a shutdown.”

Attached is the Governor’s response to the Attorney General’s petition, as well as Exhibits A and B, also submitted to the Court.

Recommended statewide objectives, in case of a potential Minnesota government shutdown was prepared by the Statewide Contingency Response Team, chaired by Commissioner Jim Schowalter.

List of recommended priority one and priority two critical services which are recommended to continue to protect the life and safety of the people of Minnesota, in case of a government shutdown.

List of Government agencies recommended to close in case of shutdown:
Accountancy Board
Administrative Hearings
Amateur Sports Comm
Architecture, Engineering Bd
Arts Board
Asian-Pacific Council
Barber Examiners Board
Behavioral Health & Therapy Bd
Black Minnesotans Council
Bureau of Mediation Services
Campaign Fin & Public Discl Bd
Capitol Area Architect
Chicano/Latino Affairs Council
Chiropractors Board
Combative Sports Commission
Cosmetologist Exam Board
Dietetics & Nutrition Practice
Disability Council
Emergency Medical Services Bd
Explore Minnesota Tourism
Gambling Control Board
Higher Ed Facilities Authority
Human Rights Dept
Humanities Commission
Indian Affairs Council
Marriage & Family Therapy
Medical Practice Board
Minn Conservation Corps
Nursing Board
Nursing Home Admin Board
Ombudsperson for Families
Optometry Board
Peace Officers Board (POST)
Pharmacy Board
Physical Therapy Board
Podiatric Medicine Board
Private Detective Board
Psychology Board
Racing Commission
Social Work Board
Tax Court
Uniform Laws Commission
Veterinary Medicine Board
Water & Soil Resources Board
Workers Comp Court of Appeals

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