Remembering Nick Coleman: A Twin Cities Tour In The Style Of Paul Wellstone

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Editors note: Nick Coleman died this week of a stroke. We originally posted this video in June of 2011. We asked Nick Coleman and Chuck Olsen to make a video in the style of Paul Wellstone’s “fast Paul” ad to welcome the Netroots Nation convention to Minnesota. The video was never shown at the convention, but it’s here for you now. It’s Nick at his joking best. Plus he gets a few digs in at his favorite political targets — The Metrodome, the legislature and his favorite punching bag Tim Pawlenty.

The UpTake’s Nick Coleman introduces our fair Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis in a fast-moving, irreverent video inspired by Paul Wellstone’s classic “Fast Paul” campaign ad. Be sure to follow @theuptake, @NickColeman, @MayorRTRybak for Netroots Nations updates, and stop by The UpTake’s booth for free “virtual swag” – get interviewed in our popup studio and we’ll send you the video. Produced by Chuck Olsen for The UpTake:

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