Massive Flood Crests In Minot, ND

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Massive Flood in Minot, ND

Click pic to watch video

Click pic to watch video

The Souris River in Minot, ND is about as high as its going to get, and even though it’s 8 1/2 feet over major flood stage, it’s lower than expected.

The National Weather Service dropped the projection by nearly two feet as upstream flows weakened. However North Dakota is being hit by more rain today.

Even though thousands of homes in Minot are flooded, the city’s water, sewer and electric power systems are still working.

Upstream, dam sends more water hurling towards Minot

@4:13 into the video you will see the nearby Lake Darling Dam releasing the water into the river at an incredible 24,000 cubic feet per second. Department of Defense video from Tech. Sgt. Mark Bell

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