Governor Dayton Makes New Offer In Budget Talks

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Click Picture To View Video Report on Dayton Offer From MNnews

Click Picture To View Video Report on Dayton Offer From MNnews

Press Release from Governor Dayton’s office:
St. Paul, MN – Today, Governor Mark Dayton once again offered compromise, proposing two different options for closing the gap between the Governor and the GOP legislative proposals. The Governor’s first option includes a temporary 2% income tax surcharge on annual income over $1 million, and the second option includes an increase of the tax on cigarettes by $1.00 a pack.

Details of the two proposals are outlined in the attached letter from Governor Dayton, addressed to Senator Koch and Speaker Zellers.
7-6-11 Dayton offer letter

Also attached is a document titled “Minnesota Needs a Fair and Balanced Solution: What the $1.4 Billion difference really means to Minnesotans.” This document details the $1.4 billion that currently separates the two proposals.
Minnesota Needs a Fair and Balanced Solution

Report from MNnews’ Rob Barrett on Dayton’s proposal

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