What Do 7,700 Millionaires Think About A MN Income Tax Hike?

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Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, Governor Mark Dayton and House Speaker Kurt Zellers

Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, Governor Mark Dayton and House Speaker Kurt Zellers

In the final hours before Minnesota’s government shutdown, Governor Mark Dayton offered to limit an income tax increase to just the top 1% of earners in Minnesota. That’s about 7,700 people making more than a million dollars a year. Republicans rejected the proposal saying it would kill jobs.

Is there a way to find out what those 7,700 people think? There could be if you help us go after the story.

What if we could interview those 7,700 millionaires and billionaires to find out if indeed they would end up cutting jobs if they saw their personal income tax go up – or, what they would personally think about such an increase. Wouldn’t you like to know what this relatively small, but powerful group of people think?

Having reliable information about this issue could help both Democrats and Republicans to make good decisions and end Minnesota’s government shutdown. But we can’t do it without your support. We have volunteers willing to do the work, but they need the guidance of professionals to take on a project of this magnitude. We’ve had to lay off our staff that was supporting our volunteers and we won’t be able to bring them back unless we have a solid financial commitment.

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Ramsey County District Court Judge Kathleen Gearin ruled today the Minnesota Zoo may stay open during the government shutdown. The Zoo had appealed a court order that it must shut down because it is not part of the core services of state government.

The Zoo’s much anticipated penguin exhibit will open on Saturday despite the two-day shutdown

Appealing For Intervention On Shutdown

Groups supporting the blind, the homeless and battered women appeal the state’s cutting off funding during the shutdown. Special Master and former Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz hears their cases one-by-one.

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The shutdown order against the Minnesota Zoo pits two natural allies against each other in court. Former Attorney General Mike Hatch represents the Zoo and former US Attorney David Lillehaug face off in a spirited court argument. The MN Zoo says it can stay open just on the money it gets from tickets and concessions.

Governor Dayton On Shutdown

“We did everything we could to avoid a shutdown.  We offered Republicans compromise after compromise to find common ground and meet them in the middle.

“It’s now clear that Republicans are willing to reject compromise and shut down government in order to protect the richest and most powerful Minnesotans from paying their fair share of taxes.”

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