MN Millionaire Tax Story Could Shape National Debate

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The entire country is watching Minnesota to see how it resolves a budget problem that mirrors the situation in Washington, DC.

The similarities are striking. The Governor has proposed raising taxes on the top 1% of income earners as part of a solution to fix the budget deficit. President Obama has also proposed taxes on the rich as a way of fixing the deficit. In both Minnesota and Washington, DC, Republicans are balking at the proposal, saying that raising taxes on millionaires will kill jobs.

As Minnesota seeks to solve this problem, The UpTake is trying to help Republicans and Democrats truly understand the impact of placing a 2% tax on people making more than a million dollars a year. We want to interview some of the estimated 7,700 Minnesota millionaires to find out their opinions. Would it force them to lay off people? Kill jobs? It’s important to clarify how much is political rhetoric and how much is reality.

So far, reception to our idea has been very positive and we’re on our way to raising the $10,000 we need to start this project. But we won’t get there without your help. If you’ve already sent us a donation, thank you — and please consider sending this link to several of your civic-minded friends. If you haven’t donated, please don’t wait any longer. We need your help soon.

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