More MN Programs To Be Funded During Shutdown Rules Judge Gearin

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Ramsey County District Judge Kathleen Gearin

Ramsey County District Judge Kathleen Gearin

Ramsey County District Judge Kathleen Gearin

Several more groups will continue to be funded during Minnesota’s government shutdown. Ramsey County District Court Judge Kathleen Gearin has ruled that state funding for Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services can continue to pay for short-term shelter and utility needs. Judge Gearin also ruled that Blind, Inc.’s blindness training is a “critical core service” of government and “should be funded on that basis.

Judge Gearin ruled that the Minnesota School Board Association , the Intermediate School Districts and the MN Department of Human Services licensing division does provide a core service of government and can continue to be funded for those purposes. However, she ruled against Arc Minnesota and would not allow continued funding for its housing access services during the shutdown.

Judge Gearin’s ruling on Southern MN Regional Legal Services and Blind Inc.

Judge Gearin’s ruling on MN School Board Association, Intermediate School Districts, MN Department of Human Resources and Arc Minnesota.

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