MN Shutdown Won’t Stop Adoption

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Judge Kathleen Blatz

Click Picture Of Judge Kathleen Blatz To Watch Video Of Adoption Shutdown Hearing

Click Picture Of Judge Kathleen Blatz To Watch Video Of Adoption Shutdown Hearing

Minnesota’s government shutdown is not going to stop Sally Wood of Nashua, Minnesota from bringing home her adopted newborn baby boy from Texas.

Judge Kathleen Blatz held an emergency hearing this afternoon to clear the way for Minnesota couples adoption that was being held up by the Minnesota shutdown. Paperwork for the adoption needed to be delivered to the appropriate Minnesota State agency before Texas officials would let Wood leave Texas with her new baby. Wood told Judge Blatz on a phone call that FedEx had refused to deliver the papers to the agency because the Capitol was closed during the government shutdown.

Minnesota Governor’s office willing to help

Governor Mark Dayton’s attorney David Lillehaug said the Governor’s office was willing to accept the FedEx documents if that would speed things up. Lillehaug even offered to pick up the papers from FedEx himself. “If we need a court order to get that FedEx package out of there, I think I know where to go” said Lillehaug as others in the Special Master court chuckled.

Wood, her husband and a 19-month-old baby have been living in a Texas hotel waiting for the adoption to go through. The couple has another son waiting back in Nashua, MN. The baby was born on June 30th, the day before the Minnesota government shutdown began.

The adoption papers must still be correct for the adoption to go through, but Judge Blatz indicated that the Minnesota government being open for accepting adoption paperwork during the shutdown was in line with Judge Kathleen Gearin’s order from last month.

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