Dayton: Wealthy Willing And Able To Pay More Taxes

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Govrnor Mark Dayton Talks with the press in Albert Lea

Click picture to watch video of Governor Dayton's news conference in Albert Lea, Minnesota

Click picture to watch video of Governor Dayton's news conference in Albert Lea, Minnesota

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton says he’s spoken with some of the 7,700 people who would have to pay an additional 2% under his “millionaire” tax proposal, and they are “willing” and able to pay.

“I’ve talked to others who aren’t pleased about the prospect, but they can afford to do so.”

Dayton mentioned a report about a disabled Rochester man who had been laying on the floor for 12 hours and would have been there for another 24 except his personal care attendant happened to stop by.

“You realize what the personal trade off is for somebody who can afford to pay a few more dollars in taxes at the very top income and people who are desperate through no choice of their own.”

Governor Dayton spoke with the press after his group discussion on budget issues with the Albert Lea Economic Development Agency on July 13, 2011. He recognized the hardship of single mothers currently without day care because of the shutdown, but stated that support is one of the issues in dispute with the Republican legislators and that 2 years of no support would be even more painful. He also repeated his belief that some sort of progressive revenue solution is needed.

He says he has been available the past two weeks but the Republican leaders refuse to meet

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