Q:Why isn’t Dayton in St. Paul? A:Tired of waiting for GOP To Make A Proposal.

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Governor Mark Dayton and Commissioner of Human Services, Lucinda Jesson

Dayton appointee HHS Commissioner Lucinda Jesson is on a Republican "watchlist". Should she be worried? Click the photo to hear what a GOP leader says.

Click picture to see video of the question and Governor Dayton's response.

Governor Mark Dayton responds to a question from a woman in Rochester who identified herself as Casey. She asks why he at the Capitol in St. Paul “working to solve the problem with the legislators right now?”

Governor Dayton said he’s told legislative leaders he’s available to meet anytime. “I spent last week waiting around for the negotiation or discussion, and except for one on education on Thursday morning, nothing happened. I’ve made three proposals, compromise proposals, to try to resolve the situation in the last 13 days of the shutdown I haven’t received a single proposal from the Republican side. As soon as they’re willing to negotiate I’m ready and willing to do so.”

Dayton talks more about his frustration with Republicans’ refusal to negotiate in a press conference following the public forum he held in Rochester.

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