Governor Dayton Calls Special Session To End MN Shutdown

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Governor Dayton Announces Special Session

Click picture to watch video of Gov. Dayton and GOP Leaders news conference

Click picture to watch video of Gov. Dayton and GOP Leaders news conference

Governor Mark Dayton and Legislative leaders this morning signed an agreement outlining the terms of a special session to complete the budget. The Governor has signed a proclamation calling the Minnesota Legislature into a special session beginning at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon.

Governor Dayton and leaders of the Republican Majority and the DFL Minority have agree to limit the session to just 12 bills.

To pass the bills in a timely manner, the agreement says the House and Senate rules will be suspended, as will the State’s constitution.

Under the agreement, no amendments to the bills will be considered.

The agreement and what bills are going to be considered.

The 12 bills to be considered are:
1. Taxes Omnibus Finance Bill
2. Education Omnibus Finance Bill
3. Capital Investment Bill
4. Health and Human Services Omnibus Finance Bill
5. State Government, Innovations, and Veterans Omnibus Finance Bill
6. Transportation Omnibus Finance Bill
7. Judiciary and Public Safety Omnibus Finance Bill
8. Jobs and Economic Growth Omnibus Finance Bill
9. Environment/Energy/Commerce Omnibus Finance Bill
10. Higher Education Omnibus Finance Bill
11. Pensions bill
12. Legacy Bill

As bill information is available, it is being posted online.

Read the Dayton-GOP-DFL Agreement Letter (PDF)

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