New Sun Country Airline Owners Funded Ads For Anti-Gay Candidate

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The new owners of Sun Country Airlines spent $150,000 supporting a group that ran ads for Anti-Gay Candidate For Governor Tom Emmer

Anti-Gay Candidate for Governor Tom Emmer benefited from $150,000 the new owners of Sun Country Airlines spent on Political Action Commitees

The next time you book a flight on Sun Country Airlines, you will be supporting its new owners who who helped fund political ads for an anti-gay candidate.

That’s because Sun Country has been purchased by the owners of Davisco Foods International which donated $150,000 to MN Forward, a Political Action Committee which spent the majority of its money running ads supporting Republican Tom Emmer’s campaign for Minnesota Governor. Emmer publicly supports a state constitutional amendment that prevent gays, lesbians and bi-sexual people from having equal rights.

Target Corporation donated an identical amount to MN Forward in 2010 and ended up losing millions of dollars in sales as GLBT groups and their supporters boycotted the store. Davisco owns counter top manufacturer Cambria, which has not suffered a similar fate, staying largely below the radar of the media.

New owner’s political donations not a one time thing
While 2010 was apparently the first time Davisco Foods donated company money to a political campaign, it’s owner and CEO Martin (Mark) Davis has a long-time record of personally donating to Republican candidates including Tom Emmer.

According to the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Disclosure board, Davis has sent various Minnesota Republican campaigns $77,467 since 1998. $3,000 dollars went to Tom Emmer in 2010. Other campaigns getting money include a long list of Republicans including former Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer, former Governor Tim Pawlenty and former US Senator Norm Coleman

The various members of the Davis family are also regular donors to campaigns. All of the donations we could find were going to Republicans.

The company’s other top officers are also donors to Republican candidates. Chief Financial Officer Jim Ward has sent Republican candidates Tim Pawlenty and Michelle Rifenberg a total of $500.
(h/t to Bluestem Prairie for pointing us to that information)

Will the political donations from Davisco to right-wing groups continue now that it has purchased Sun Country airlines? The UpTake has asked the company for a comment and it has not yet issued an answer.
Marty Davis says that no money from Sun Country will go to Davisco or Cambria Holdings, both companies that the Davis family owns.

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