“They’re Trying to Make us Homeless!”

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Click Picture to Watch Video of North Minneapolis Resident DeWayne

Click Picture to Watch Video of North Minneapolis Resident DeWayne

North Minneapolis resident DeWayne refuses to leave his home on Logan Avenue, which was damaged during the May 22 tornado, but which is still structurally sound and safe. The City of Minneapolis condemned the house and urged DeWayne and his children to go to a shelter. But with the city’s shelters overwhelmed by approximately 5,000 residents made homeless by the tornado, DeWayne refuses to go. To him, temporary shelters for the displaced is hardly a long-term solution to housing problems in North Minneapolis.

North Minneapolis is a neighborhood in need of solutions. Poverty, lack of jobs, and a housing crisis are longstanding systemic problems that were only magnified by this spring’s devastating tornado. Faced with these serious needs, creativity and innovation solution-makers are stepping forward. The UpTake’s Northside Project, with support from the Bush Foundation, is seeking out the individuals and organizations who are making inspired positive change in North Minneapolis.

But before we can illuminate the solutions, we need to understand the wide range of needs. The UpTake is collaborating with MplsTornado.info to find Northside residents still suffering from the impacts of the tornado, thus amplifying the “storm before the storm” of economic disparity. We hope these “Stories of Need” will connect residents with people and organizations who can directly solve their needs.

To support this series documenting people in need in North Minneapolis, visit: http://mplstornado.info/

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Produced by The UpTake, in collaboration www.MplsTornado.info.

Chuck Olsen

Chuck Olsen is a co-founder of The UpTake, co-founder and CEO of Vid Tiger and the founder of Minnesota Stories, called one of the best video blogs by the New York Times and winner of two Vloggies Awards. He is the producer-director of Blogumentary, a documentary feature film about the rise of political and personal blogs.

One thought on ““They’re Trying to Make us Homeless!”

  1. We understand that DeWayne is settled now, according to Anthony Newby from MplsTornado.info: “Miraculously, Dewayne has managed to stabilize his life without any outside help. At this point his only immediate need is a full time job paying $10.00 or more per hour.”