Bachmann Wins Iowa GOP Presidential Straw Poll

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Michele Bachmann announces candidacy for President while in Waterloo, Iowa

Rep. Michele Bachmann in Waterloo, Iowa

Rep. Michele Bachmann in Waterloo, Iowa

Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann narrowly won the Iowa’s Republican Presidential straw poll on Saturday over Ron Paul. Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty finished a distant third. Here are the voting results:

Michele Bachmann 4,823 (28.55%)
Ron Paul 4,671 (27.65%)
Tim Pawlenty 2,293 (13.57%)
Rick Santorum 1,657 (9.81%)
Herman Cain 1,456 (8.62%)
Rick Perry 718 (3.62%)
Mitt Romney 567 (3.36%)
Newt Gingrich 385 (2.28%)
Jon Huntsman 69 votes (0.41%)
Thad McCotter 35 votes (0.21%)

Texas Governor Rick Perry’s votes were all write-ins. He declared today that he is running for the Republican Presidential nomination.

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