Pawlenty Drops Out Of Presidential Race

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One and done. Pawlenty calls it quits after a 3rd place Iowa finish.

One and done. Pawlenty calls it quits after a 3rd place Iowa finish.

Third place in the Republican Iowa straw poll was apparently not good enough for former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. Today in a private conference call with supporters Pawlenty disclosed his plans to drop out of the race.

Fellow Minnesotan Michele Bachmann won the first Republican Presidential preference poll with nearly twice as many votes as Pawlenty.

As late as yesterday Pawlenty had sounded hopeful. He tweeted his congratulations to Bachmann and said he looked forward to the campaign:

“timpawlenty: Congrats to Rep. Bachmann on her win. Our campaign needed to show progress and we did. I’m eager for the campaign ahead. #iastrawpoll”

Reaction from the Democratic National Committee was swift.

DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse released the following statement on Governor Tim Pawlenty dropping out of the Republican primary field:

“A former two-term Governor of a neighboring state, a social conservative, a person who on paper should be everything Republicans should consider in a candidate for president, was run out of the race because he wasn’t extreme enough. In the past 72 hours we’ve seen all the GOP candidates swear allegiance to the Tea Party in a debate, the national front runner refer to ‘corporations as people,’ the two most extreme candidates in the field – Tea Party favorites – come out on top of the Iowa Straw poll and someone once considered among the leading candidates for the nomination drop out of the race because he was not extreme or vitriolic enough for the Tea Party which now owns and operates the GOP. But, while protecting tax breaks for the wealthy and big oil while proposing to end Medicare, slash Social Security and pile additional burdens on the middle class might win plaudits with the Tea Party, it’s not remotely what the American people are looking for.”

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