Minnesota Court Holds Third Redistricting Hearing in Minneapolis

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Click on Photo to View Redistricting Hearing

Click on Photo to View Redistricting Hearing

On October 6, the Minnesota courts held the third of eight public hearings on the federal and state redistricting process. The panel sought public input to identify “communities of interest” throughout the state of Minnesota. This information will help prevent those communities from being divided during the redistricting process and thus minimizing their voice at the voting booth. Citizens can speak for up to five minutes at one of the eight public hearings.

By law, Congressional Districts and Legislative Districts must be redrawn after each census so each district has the same number of people in it. Minnesota’s courts are presiding over this process because the Republican controlled legislature and a DFL Governor could not agree on where to draw the new districts. As part of the process, the court is holding hearings in each of Minnesota’s eight congressional districts. This hearing took place at the Minneapolis Public Schools John B. Davis Educational Service Center in Minneapolis.

For technical reasons, the hearing has been split into three clips.

Speakers for part one in order are: Hon. Wilhelmina M. Wright – presiding judge, Gerald Strauss, Ronald Touchette, Christy Jo Fogarty, Elsa Leven, and Eric Margolis. Speakers for part two in order are: Henry O. Moore, Lori Stee, Shaun Laden, Rick Varco, Cassidy Gardenier, Brian Wojtalewicz, and Elianne Farhat. Speakers for part three in order are: Paul Reinke, Duane Reed, R.T. Rybak, Lester Collins, Robert Hemphill, and Judge Wilhelmina M. Wright.

The Special Redistricting Panel members are: Hon. Wilhelmina M. Wright, presiding judge, Hon. James B. Florey, Hon. Edward I. Lynch, Hon. John R. Rodenberg, Hon. Ivy S. Bernhardson.

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