Students’ “Lifetime Of Debt” Prompts Anti-Bank Protests

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Students Protest outside of Wells Fargo Bank

Click to watch students anti-bank protest

Click to watch students anti-bank protest

A student lead rally at The People’s Plaza (a.k.a. Government Plaza, Minneapolis) ended with a march through the streets of Minneapolis to Wells Fargo and TCF Bank.

The group was primarily students from local colleges and recent graduates. For most of them, this was the first visit to OccupyMN HQ at The People’s Plaza. They were joined in the march by parents, grandparents and others outraged by the growing inequality in our society .

Particular concerns students & youth have with the big banks: outrageous amounts of student debt, the disappearing right to an affordable education, and the corporatization of education.

A “lifetime of debt”

According to Steph Taylor of Students for a Democratic Society at the U of M, “Today, students are facing sky-rocketing tuition and attending universities that are more corporation than school. Most of us can’t afford an education, and either don’t go to college, or go and graduate with a lifetime of debt. Either way, students and young people are entering an economy with soaring unemployment and many are struggling to survive. The big banks are rolling in profits while the rest of us get deeper in debt. We say, “make this economy work for us! Bail out students, not banks!”

Wells Fargo received a parade stop and a few speeches about the student’s issues. TCF got a walk-by.

OccupyMN continued into the 12th day witnessing a rise and fall of daily participation as various related events start out at The People’s Plaza. Individual issues crop up but the core issues of bank behavior, corporate takeover of government and the moral and financial cost of the wars remain a constant current.

Bill Sorem

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