“Bail Out Students, Not The Banks” Say Protesters

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Students march on Minneapolis banks

Click on photo to hear why students want you to move your money out of banks.

Click on photo to hear why students want you to move your money out of banks.

Amanda Zimmerman thinks colleges and banks have “messed-up relationship” that ends up leaving students heavily in debt when they graduate.

“I’m talking about the messed up relationship the U of M has with TCF bank. It’s really screwing weird! Why do you get a bank account when you get your college ID? ( A University of Minnesota student ID card doubles as a TCF ATM card thanks to a deal between the two institutions.) Those two things should not be friends with each other”, said Zimmerman who is with Students for a Democratic Society.

That’s why Zimmerman, college students and supporters of OccupyMN last week urged people to move their money out of banks.

“Take your money out of TCF. Take it out of Wells Fargo and take it out of US Bank. Get a credit union people. It’s time to stand up for ourselves”, Zimmerman yelled to the crowd after it marched from the occupied Hennepin County Government Center Plaza to a nearby bank.

Political parties under influence of banks and big oil says former DFL candidate

Former DFL candidate for Congress, Jack Nelson Pallmeyer used a bullhorn to tell the crowd at OccupyMN that the blame for our current economic problems go beyond banks.

“We are here because we know that both political parties have been sold to the highest bidder. A mainstream economist last week in Minneapolis said the Republican party owned by big oil. The Democrats are owned by wall street. Unfortunately big oil also rents Democrats and they rent Republicans. He said the people have no representation and that is why we are here.”

“We are going to build a social movement that is strong enough, powerful enough, that they have to listen to us “, said Nelson Pallmeyer

This rally coincided with the fourth week of the occupation. A student from Spain reported that they had started with about 50 people in April and it grown in two months to 500,000 demonstrators in Madrid.

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