OccupyMN Plays “Cat and Mouse ” with Hennepin County Sheriffs

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Click on Photo to Watch Video of OccupyMN's New Billboard

Click on Photo to Watch Video of OccupyMN's New Billboard

On Nov. 11, OccupyMN activists challenged Hennepin County authorities with a tent-like structure displayed on chairs. They were reacting to the county’s new policy of not allowing tents on the plaza. Instead of letting the authorities seize their object, the group played a “cat and mouse” game with sheriff’s deputies and evaded capture.

When confronted, they recited the First Amendment using “Mic Check,” a tactic that originated in Zuccotti Park in New York when Occupy Wall Street’s first encampment was denied use of a sound system. The speaker’s words are repeated by waves of listeners to eliminate the need for sound augment. They stalled the deputies removal attempts. Three day slater the tent-like structure was rebuilt as a billboard facing Third Avenue.

Bill Sorem

Bill Sorem is a longtime advertising professional who started with Campbell Mithun and ended up with his own agency. After a tour as a sailing fleet manager in the Virgin Islands he turned to database programming as an independent consultant. He has written sailing guides for the British Virgin Islands and Belize, and written for a number of blogs. In 2010, he volunteered as a citizen journalist with The UpTake and has stayed on as a video reporter.

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