OccupyMN Can Stay on Plaza, Just Can’t Sleep

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Occupy MN at Hennepin County Government Center

Click photo to hear how Occupy MN isn't losing sleep over new county rules

Click photo to hear how Occupy MN isn't losing sleep over new county rules

A solidarity rally convened on the People’s Plaza (Hennepin County Government Center) on the day the county issued new roles for the occupation. New rules prohibit sleeping. One speaker questioned how that was to be enforced. Do deputies have to tap everyone with eyes closed to see if they are sleeping? If they wake up as a result of the tap, they are no longer violating the rule.

The speaker went on to say, “We can’t allow ourselves to be distracted. The one percent would like nothing more than to shift the conversation away from what we have been doing to define the problem of income inequality in this country and have us focus on the sheriff tapping people to see if you are awake or not.”

Union representatives, community organizers, Women Against Military Madness all added their voices in support of the Occupy Movement. One speaker said, “They may take our toilets but they can’t take our ideas.”
The OccypyMN movement began on the Plaza on Oct 7, 2011, so they are now in the second month of occupation.

Bill Sorem

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