The Forgotten Neighborhood

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City Pages Cover-The Forgotten Neighborhood

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City Pages and The UpTake have teamed up for a special cover story about the tornado that hit north Minneapolis this year. As we’ve been reporting for the past six months, many people who need help still haven’t gotten it. It’s a good article by The UpTake’s Jacob Wheeler and videos from our intrepid crew.

This story was written in partnership with The UpTake which also produced the accompanying video features. Watch these videos at

“The tornado that ravaged north Minneapolis six months ago was cruelly selective as it followed its diagonal northeasterly path of destruction. While some buildings were destroyed, others next door were left nearly untouched. The wind uprooted trees, tore roofs off homes, killed two residents, made thousands homeless, and caused hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of damage.

“And the storm couldn’t have chosen a more unfortunate place to wreak its havoc. North Minneapolis was already home to the city’s most depressed and dangerous neighborhoods. In this largely African-American pocket, 31 percent of the 60,000 residents live in poverty, and nearly 80 percent receive assistance from Hennepin County.”

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