We’re Going To Iowa

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The UpTake crew in Iowa - January 2008

The UpTake crew in Iowa -January 2008 - Click on photo to watch the video.

The UpTake crew in Iowa -January 2008 - Click on photo to watch the video.

In December 2007 and January 2008 a scrappy band of independent journalists piled into a van, drove to Iowa and gave the world a very unique view of the campaigning leading up to the Iowa caucuses. Unlike the legacy media that was focused on the horse race between the leading candidates, The UpTake’s cameras focused on issues, people’s concerns and the general goofiness of asking Iowa to determine who our next President should be. On top of that we pioneered live internet video streaming of political events.

Four years later, the need for our type of coverage is even greater. So we’re going back to Iowa. If you’d like to help us, let us know. We need volunteers to shoot video, edit, write and just coordinate all the craziness. You can be on the ground in Iowa or anywhere in the world on a computer. No time? Then make a donation!

To remind you of what we did, we’ve reposted an amusing video Chuck Olsen made summarizing what we covered in Iowa. Enjoy!

Michael McIntee

Michael McIntee is a former network TV news executive with more than 30 years of broadcasting experience. He began his broadcasting career at the University of Minnesota's student radio station. He is an expert producer, writer, video editor who has a fondness for new technology but denies that he is a geek. More about Michael McIntee »

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