MN Senate “Tarnished” And GOP Should Apologize Says Senator Bakk

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Senator Tom Bakk

Click photo to watch Senator Tom Bakk demand an apology

Click photo to watch Senator Tom Bakk demand an apology

Senate DFL leader Tom Bakk says the Senate has been “tarnished” by the actions of former Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, Senator Geoff Michel and other Republicans, and they should apologize to the Senate.

Senator Koch resigned as Majority Leader last month. Republicans say she had an “inappropriate relationship” with a male staffer. Senator Michel lied to the media about the story saying he had known about the relationship only for a few days before the resignation, but later admitted he had known about it for months.

New Senate Majority Leader David Senjem says no one in his caucus has any intention of filing an ethics complaint in the matter, meaning the Senate Democrats would need to do so if there is going to be any more public investigation into the matter.

Michael McIntee

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