Ron Paul’s MN Support Crosses Political Boundaries

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Sign outside Ron Paul Rally in Minnesota

Click photo to watch rally and hear why Ron Paul supporters are backing him for President.

Click photo to watch rally and hear why Ron Paul's Minnesota supporters are backing him for President.

Hundreds of enthusiastic Ron Paul supporters jammed the meeting room at the AutoMotoPlex in Chanhassan Minnesota on Saturday to show their support for his Presidential bid. Video of his entire speech available here.

There was standing room only in the room and the garage bay doors were opened to handle the overflow crowd that almost circled the building.

“He was Tea Party before Tea Party was cool.” said one of his supporters who introduced the Republican Congressman from Texas.

The crowds choice in the 2008 election ran the gamut. Lots of Republicans – one had cast his first vote for Reagan – but also a number of 2008 Obama voters, Ron Paul write-ins plus votes for Libertarian and Constitution parties. A few claimed to be undecided, but most were very clear on their 2012 choice: Ron Paul— even if they had to write him in.

Video and photos: Ron Paul’s Minnesota supporters say why they back him.

Congressman Paul’s message of liberty, reduced government and cutback on foreign military ventures resonated the supporters. Many had a very clear vision of why they were supporting him. Social issues were not an issue.

His promises to reduce the size of government and chop down the Federal Reserve drew roars of approval.

Congressman Paul described the Patriot Act and the invasion of Iraq as plans that had been sitting on the shelf for years and had nothing to do with 9/11, it was merely an excuse. He said he’d first voted against an invasion of Iraq in 1998.

He described a conversation with a fellow congressman who said he could not go back home and tell his constituents he’d voted against the Patriot Act. Congressman Paul told him, “Well that’s your job. You’re supposed to go home and explain to people why you voted.”

Congressman Paul promised repeal of the Patriot act and shut down of some of our 900 military base in 130 countries.

This was one of four campaign appearances for Congressman Paul Minnesota this weekend. He is scheduled to return on Tuesday, the eve of the Minnesota precinct caucuses.

Bill Sorem

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