Correction: Freddie Mac, Not US Bank Foreclosing On Occupy Supported Home

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Monique White

Monique White will be evicted from her north Minneapolis home on Friday.

Monique White will be evicted from her north Minneapolis home on Friday.

Documents presented to The UpTake today show that Freddie Mac is foreclosing on North Minneapolis homeowner Monique White’s home, not US Bank as Occupy Minnesota activists had claimed. The UpTake reported Occupy Minnesota’s erroneous claim on Monday.

The eviction notice from Hennepin County mentions US Bank as the original servicer of the mortgage, but the court action was initiated by lawyers for Freddie Mac.

Unless something changes, White will lose her house on Friday when Freddie Mac takes possession of it and resells it to offset its losses on the mortgage.

Occupy Minnesota activists also erroneously claimed that US Bank could renegotiate the mortgage of veteran Bobby Hull’s home in South Minneapolis and erroneously implied the company was treating people unequally because it would renegotiate Hull’s and not the White’s. Today Bank of America indicated it, not US Bank was the servicer of Hull’s loan and Bank of America had offered to change the terms of the mortgage so Hull could remain in the home.

Michael McIntee

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