Eagan Democrats Eye Reclaiming Legislative Seats

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DFL Party Chair Ken Martin

Click photo to hear DFL Party Chair Ken Martin Speak at the "True Blue celebration" in Eagan

Click photo to hear DFL Party Chair Ken Martin Speak at the "True Blue celebration" in Eagan

DFL state chair Ken Martin says his party will win back majorities in the Minnesota House and Senate this fall because the Republican party has failed on both of its main promises. Martin says the GOP has not created any jobs and it has effectively raised property taxes on most middle-class Minnesotans.

Martin would especially like to see the DFL win back the legislative seats in Eagan, his home town.

Eagan is a battleground for Minnesota politics. Over the past decade, neither party has been able to win and hold onto all three legislative seats in the St. Paul suburb for more than one election cycle. In 2008 with Obama at the top of the ticket, DFLers swept all three legislative races. In 2010 it was the GOP that ousted the DFL from the two House and one Senate seat. Now in 2012 the newly renamed and redistricted Senate District 51 is again considered up for grabs with three freshman Republicans all defending their seats.

The possibility of reclaiming those seats has led to contested races for the DFL endorsement in one of the House races and a big name showdown in the Senate race between Eagan’s Mayor Mike Maguire and former state Senator Jim Carlson.

Martin notes that redistricting has changed the make-up of Minnesota’s Second Congressional District, which Republican John Kline has handily won for the last decade. Now the district includes more St. Paul suburban cities which supported President Obama in 2008. That district-wide 51% “index” for Obama means a DFL candidate would have a chance of winning. Martin says he is still looking for a candidate to run against Representative Kline.

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