Protest Against “Attack On The Middle Class”

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Pro-union protests outside hearing on anti-union constitutional amendment

Click photo to watch pro-union rally.

Click photo to watch pro-union rally.

Minnesota Republicans are pushing a constitutional amendment that makes would undermine union membership. It allows “free riders”, employees who get the benefits of union negotiations without requiring them to help pay for that negotiation.

Monday it passed its first test in the Senate on a slim 7-6 margin with one Republican voting against the bill.

Outside the committee room protests that recalled the furor of last year’s Wisconsin labor battle echoed through the Capitol’s halls.

One union supporter pointed to the thousand plus crowd and asked where were the people who want this so-called “right to work” constitutional amendment? Where was their rally?

Allison Herrera

Allison Herrera, originally from San Luis Obispo, Calif.,  studied media and Spanish at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., where she earned her bachelor s. Since moving to the Twin Cities, she has been a news producer for KFAI Fresh Air Community Radio, communications coordinator for Twin Cities Public Television's arts series MN Original, and producer for the Association of Minnesota Public and Educational Radios Stations for the series MN90: Minnesota History in 90 Seconds.

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