Maneuver To Un-stall “Right To Work” Fails In MN House

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Click photo to watch strange events on the Minnesota House Floor

Click photo to watch strange events on the Minnesota House Floor

There was something strange going on in the Minnesota House chamber Thursday night. Legislators were ready to get to evening committee hearings and the House floor session was winding down when suddenly Majority Leader Matt Dean called for a recess. House Minority Leader Paul Thissen objects, pointing out that taking a recess would delay the start of many important committee hearings.

Getting no explanation for the recess, Democrats call for adjournment, which fails.

After the 40 minute recess Republicans try to move the controversial “right to work” also known as “rob the workers” constitutional amendment to the friendlier Rules committee than its current assignment. The maker of the motion, Representative Doug Wardlow (R-Eagan) does not appear to speak to it. After an almost three minute wait, Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers moves on to announcements and adjournment.

Videos of the events and press release from House Minority Leader Paul Thissen
Above: Weirdness as House Republicans want to take a recess
Below: The motion from Representative Doug Wardlow (R-Eagan) that wasn’t.

Press Release from House Minority Leader Paul Thissen
This evening on the House floor Rep. Doug Wardlow (R – Eagan) submitted a motion to move the right-to-work constitutional amendment legislation from the Commerce committee to the Rules committee, which would have moved the constitutional amendment closer to passage. Speaker Kurt Zellers announced that Rep. Wardlow had submitted the motion, but Rep. Wardlow was not present to speak to his motion. The House then moved on to the next order of business.

House Minority Paul Thissen (DFL – Minneapolis) released the following statement:

“Clearly, this is evidence that Minnesota Republicans cannot get beyond their constitutional amendment agenda. Their fixation with constitutional amendments is a disservice to the people of Minnesota, and it distracts us from the bread and butter issues that actually matter to Minnesotans.

As Democrats we are united in our opposition to distracting constitutional amendments and are committed to the priorities that are important to Minnesotans. This doesn’t have to be a do nothing legislative session. I urge my Republicans colleagues to join Democrats in focusing on the important work we need to do grow jobs, strengthen our economy, and stand up for a strong middle class.”

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