Three Democrats Ask for Endorsement To Run Against Congressman Kline

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Kathleen Gaylord, Mike Obermueller and Patrick Ganey - DFL CD2 Candidates

Kathleen Gaylord, Mike Obermueller and Patrick Ganey - DFL CD2 Candidates

Redistricting has made recruiting Democrats to run against Congressman John Kline (R- MN) much easier. Three candidates were courting DFL delegates at a candidates forum on Sunday. Those delegates will be voting on an endorsement this coming Saturday April 28th.

Former State Representative Mike Obermueller and Northfield City Councilor Patrick Ganey announced several weeks ago they intended to seek the endorsement. Dakota County Commissioner Kathleen Gaylord recently announced she would be getting into the race.

Redistricting has Congressman Kline on the offensive as well. His new congressional district no longer has Carver County, a Republican stronghold and it now includes the more urban northern part of Dakota County which leans DFL. That may be why Kline has raised more than a million dollars for his campaign, which is a large sum of money to have already in April.

The UpTake spoke with all three candidates before their first candidates forum and asked why they are running, what are the main issues and how they plan to defeat Congressman Kline when so many other Democrats have failed to to so.

Video interviews with all three DFL candidates running in Minnesota’s second Congressional district.

Former State Representative Mike Obermueller:

Northfield City Councilor Patrick Ganey:

Dakota County Commissioner Kathleen Gaylord:

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