Chicago Cop Refuses To Give Badge Number During NATO Protests

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Chicago cop with tape over badge during NATO protests

Click image to view the video

Click image to view the video

One of the few ways citizens can hold police accountable for their actions is to positively identify them by their badge number. During this weekend’s anti-NATO protests in Chicago at least one officer refused to give his badge number when asked.

The officer who appears at :45 and 2:14 of this video has placed black tape over his badge. A Chicago police spokesperson says the tape is to honor a fallen fellow police officer. However, the same spokesperson says the officer is required to give his badge number when asked. The officer does have a name plate on the other side of his chest that identifies him as “Jalakas 023 District Town Hall”.

Coincidentally, it appears the same officer was quicker than others to raise his baton in a threatening manner.

Video by Tracey Pollock and Katherine Quinn

Tracey Pollock

Tracey Pollock, a native of River Falls, Wis., studied journalism at UW-River Falls and finished her education at UW-Milwaukee with a focus in sociology. She is interested in covering social justice issues and shedding light on issues in a way that corporate media will not undertake. Pollock lives in Milwaukee, where generations of her family have resided. She enjoys the local music scene, bicycling and camping.

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