City Should Send $45,000 Occupy Eviction Bill To Bank Says City Council Member

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Click on Picture to See Glidden and Schiff Comments

Click on Picture to watch Glidden and Schiff Comments

Minneapolis Council member Gary Schiff says the city spent $45,000 to evict people who were “defending” the home of the Cruz family from PNC Bank and Freddie Mac which had foreclosed upon the home. The Cruz family says a glitch in PNC’s computer system triggered the foreclosure and members of the Occupy Homes Minnesota group took up the Cruz family cause and occupied the home. Schiff hopes the city will send the bill to PNC Bank and Freddie Mac.

During a May 30 interview with TheUpTake, Anthony Newby, Occupy Homes Organizer, raised the question about how much the police action cost.

Schiff said, “We need to make sure that arresting every protestor is not a sustainable resolution to the foreclosure crisis.” He also believes the city can and should do more to aid families early in the foreclosure process before it becomes a crisis.

Council member Elizabeth Glidden said that she was in contact with the Cruz family and there were further negotiations with the bank, but privacy issues kept her from commenting. She also noted that the steel doors on the residence were placed by the bank, not by the city.

Police Guarding Cruz Residence

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