Sen. Parry Bristles At Laughter Directed At Republicans

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Why is Senator Mike Parry angry? Click on his photo to watch.

Why is Senator Mike Parry angry? Click on his photo to watch.

Minnesota State Senator Mike Parry (R-Waseca), threatens to clear the room when laughter erupts over a fellow Republican’s comment that the intent of a hearing was to “treat people fairly.”

The hearing was about collective bargaining agreements with two of the state’s unions. Republicans have tried to outlaw unions for Minnesota employees.

Senator Parry, who is running for Congress and will not be serving in next year’s legislature then is told by a Representative Leon Lillie (DFL-North St. Paul) “it’s probably a blessing that you’re down to your last three meetings.”

The room again erupts in laughter and Senator Perry calls an abrupt 10 minute recess to the hearing.

Michael McIntee

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