MN Same Day Voter Registration Ruled Constitutional

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US District Court Judge Donovan Frank

US District Court Judge Donovan Frank

Forces trying to suppress voting in Minnesota were thwarted today when a U.S. District Court Judge ruled the state’s same day voter registration is constitutional.

Judge Donovan W. Frank ruled against a collection of organizations, including Minnesota Voters Alliance and the Minnesota Freedom Council, seeking to end Minnesota’s long-standing system of Election Day registration. The federal court ruled that Election Day registration in Minnesota will stay in place for the November 2012 election.

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie who was a defendant in the lawsuit issued a statement. “Minnesota’s same-day voter registration serves as a model for our nation and, in part, accounts for our consistent top ranking in voter participation among all states. This year alone, the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State projects 500,000 eligible voters will use same-day voter registration at the General Election on November 6, 2012. Judge Frank’s decision ensures that these voters, many who will cast votes for the first time, will have their voices heard on Election Day.

“This settles the first of two recent challenges to same-day voter registration. The other is the proposed constitutional amendment on elections which, if passed, would eliminate same-day voter registration as we know it. It is now up to the voters to decide the fate of same-day voter registration for Minnesota in November.”

PDF of Judge Frank’s Ruling

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