Biden, DFL Turn Up Campaign Heat In Minnesota

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Click Joe Biden's photo to watch his speech

Click Joe Biden's photo to watch his speech

Vice President Joe Biden campaigns in Minneapolis where he calls presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney a “nice guy” but says he’s never seen anyone “who is more out of touch than Romney is.”

Biden bashed Republicans for making “suckers” out of the middle class and wanting to turn Wall Street back into a “casino” by removing regulations meant to stop the investment schemes that brought about the great recession that America is still recovering from.

He says Democrats often complain they can’t reduce their campaigns to a bumper sticker like Republicans can. He suggested this one: “Osama Bin Laden is dead & General Motors is alive”.

Video above: Biden’s speech

Video below: Intros from Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, Senator Amy Klobuchar and others followed by Biden’s speech.

Press pool report on Biden’s visit from Jennifer Brooks of the Star Tribune

“Hey guys, how’re you doing? My name’s Joe Biden,” the vice president greeted the South High School football team Tuesday afternoon in.
Fresh from a speech to 1,556 supporters at The Depot in Minneapolis, Biden halted his motorcade in South Minneapolis for a brief visit with the team before heading on to an event in Rochester.
The football players, in their black and white jerseys, took a knee around the vice president, who had changed out of the dress shirt he wore for the speech and into a blue polo shirt with the vice presidential seal. Head coach Lenny Sedlock escorted the vice president down the field to the waiting team.
Forget the White House or the U.S. Senate. Biden said his real “Walter Mitty dream,” growing up was to do just what the South High students are doing now – play football.
“I’m vice president, and let me tell you, I’d trade it all to go back and play my senior year again,” he joked.
“The guy I work with, his sport is basketball. He loves basketball like I love football,” Biden said of President Barack Obama. “He beat me like a drum — I tried to get the nomination for president – man, I tell you what, he beat me like a drum. Then he asked me whether I’d join him as his vice president.”
Biden invited the students to ask questions. A few hands went up, asking him where he went to college and where he went to high school.
Then senior Tysean Wallace raised his hand.
“So, are you and Obama going to put Mitt Romney down?” he asked.
Biden laughed. “The answer is, just because the way the press is, I will rephrase your question. Because if we said ‘put down,’ I’m going to hear the headlines now. ‘Biden says Obama’s going to [have Romney] put down.”
“I think we’re going to win this race,” Biden assured Wallace.
Afterward, a thrilled Wallace said “I love politics. That’s what I plan to do.”
Biden asked for a show of hands to see how many of the students planned to go on to college. Fewer than half the hands went up. The vice president urged all of them to stay in school, advising them that within the next decade, six out of 10 jobs will require some sort of degree or advanced training beyond high school.
“I believe there’s not a damn thing you can’t do,” Biden said, “to make this country the greatest country in the world…The generation you guys are going to live through is going to be absolutely mind-blowing. … That’s why you guys, as good athletes as you are…you’ve got to get your education…You’ve got to be able to know how to know.”
Biden He had a few more words with the players, out of earshot of the traveling press pool, then tossed the football before climbing back into the motorcade.
A small crowd of neighbors on a nearby corner shouted after him: “We love you, Joe.”

Press pool report on Biden’s visit to Rochester from Heather Carlson of the Rochester Post-Bulletin:

After wrapping up a campaign event at the Floral Hall on the Olmsted County Fairgrounds shortly after 6 p.m., VPOTUS made an unexpected stop at Mac’s Cafe & Restaurant, a downtown Rochester eatery that bills itself on having “iconic American and Greek cuisine.” The restaurant sits next to Peace Plaza, and as VPOTUS started heading to the restaurant a large crowd quickly surrounded him. VPOTUS shook hands and posed for cell phone pictures.

Among those who got her picture taken with VPOTUS was 14-year-old Katelyn Martin of North Prairie, Wis. She and her family had traveled to Rochester for the Bob Dylan concert and while they saw a sign on the way into town welcoming the vice president, she never expected to get a picture with the vice president. Meanwhile, people in the restaurant stared out the glass windows and took pictures with their cell phones as VPOTUS made his was through the crowd.

After about 5 minutes, he entered the restaurant and asked a group of diners “How’s it going?” He was sporting a blue button up shirt and khaki pants. He sat down at a table with five dinners shaking their hands. He had a slice of apple pie with a side of cinnamon ice cream and vanilla ice cream. He also ordered some slices coconut cream pie to go.

At one point, VPOTUS gave the cinnamon ice cream to Meghan Howard of St. Paul. She was there with her husband Matt Howard and friend Chris Nelson of Rochester. She asked VPOTUS, “Do you want to come to the Bob Dylan concert with us?”

VPOTUS responded, “I’d love to come to the Bob Dylan concert. They are making me work.”

Several people came up to VPOTUS as he ate his pie to introduce themselves. Linda Li, of Palm Harbor, Fla., was shopping next store at O & B Shoes when she learned the VPOTUS was going to visit the restaurant. She quickly called her husband Steve Li and their friend Jean Murray of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who were shopping at the Barnes & Noble across the street and told them to get over to the restaurant.
Steve Li used to live in Delaware and used to play racketball with VPOTUS 25 years ago. He posed for a picture with VPOTUS and said it was great to see him again after so many years.

“He was always a great guy, and it seems like he is unchanged,” he said.

Afterwards, Linda Li was sharing news of the unexpected encounter with friends.

“I was mostly interested in making sure I got the picture and I’ve sent it to everyone we know,” she said.

At 6:50 p.m. VPOTUS left the restaurant and headed to his car. A crowd gathered in Peace Plaza cheered and clapped for him.

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