Voter Restriction Amendment Would Discourage College Students From Voting

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Click on Photo to Learn Why Voter Photo ID Would Hurt Minnesota College Students

Click on Photo to Learn Why Voter Photo ID Would Hurt Minnesota College Students

“Photo ID will make voting much more difficult for college students,” activist and Iraq War veteran Alex Erickson told a town hall meeting in St. Louis Park earlier this month. “College students rely on same-day registration because of our open election laws, which are designed to encourage participation in our democracy.”

Congressman Keith Ellison held the event at the Sabes Jewish Community Center to address the consequences, and who will be adversely affected, if the proposed Voter Photo ID constitutional amendment passes on the November ballot.

“The State of Minnesota has a good faith agreement with our colleges and universities that a photo ID from that college or university will suffice to vote,” continued Erickson, who currently works on Ellison’s re-election campaign. “We would be creating a distinction between the state’s land grant university — the University of Minnesota — and everybody else (such as) students who go to Carleton, Macalester or St. Thomas. We would actually be creating a division between our college students. And college students are absolutely reliant on same-day registration in order to vote. Photo ID would do away with that forever.”

Erickson added that disenfranchising college students from voting would make them less likely to vote in the future.

“Youth and college voters, their experiences in voting leaves an indelible impact on them for the rest of their lives. If you vote when you’re young, if you vote when you’re a college student, you’re very likely to become someone who participates in the democratic process for the rest of your life.”

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Jacob Wheeler

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