Kiffmeyer: MN Voter Restrictions Won’t Stop Felons From Voting

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State Representative Mary Kiffmeyer, author of Minnesota’s Voter Restriction Constitutional Amendment and long time critic of the present election system, says requiring people to show a photo ID to vote will not prevent felons from voting. Felon voting is a major part of the amendment supporters arguments as they seek voter approval of the amendment this November.

After a Monday Federalist Society debate on the voter restriction amendment, The UpTake asked Representative Kiffmeyer about the argument that showing a photo ID will not prevent felons form voting. She replied, “That’s right, in some cases, but it is not a matter of that, it’s a matter that it’s a deterrent. Without question when people are going to do something illegal the fact that they have to show their ID and show that kind of document, and they’re in that, they will probably leave rather than commit that kind of fraud.”

Kiffmeyer said, “Secretary (of State Mark) Ritchie gave my electronic roster bill a $50 million price tag. When he gave his electronic roster idea he said it was nearly free and he could do it almost immediately.”

Secretary Ritchie discussing electronic voting rosters.

The bill Representative Kiffmeyer referenced was HF 210/SF 509 This bill required photo ID to vote and it was vetoed by Governor Dayton. Electronic voter roster was one of many items in the bill.

The Secretary of State Fiscal Note estimated the costs of the entire bill and it was about $32 million for for the 2012 fiscal year. The fiscal note does not include an accounting for the local costs but mentions a figure around $24 million for local costs. This would bring the fiscal note to around the $50 million.

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