GOP US Senate Candidate:”Bush Tax Cuts Terrible Economic Policy”

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Click on image of Kurt Bills to watch his statement and Amy Klobuchar's reaction

Click on image of Kurt Bills to watch his statement and Amy Klobuchar's reaction

Republican candidate for Minnesota’s US Senate seat Kurt Bills surprised even his Democratic opponent Senator Amy Klobuchar when he called the Bush era tax cuts “terrible economic policy”.

“You don’t put temporary tax cuts in. What are you doing? You can’t do that” Bills said in a debate with Klobuchar on Tuesday.

After the debate Klobuchar told The UpTake’s Mike McIntee she was “surprised” by Bills’ statement because in June he signed the Grover Nordquist pledge to not raise taxes. Revoking the Bush tax cuts would be a tax increase. Klobuchar generally supports the Obama administration plan to let the tax cuts for the very wealthy expire, but keep them for the middle class.

“I actually admire people that change their position over time but this was in three months”, said Klobuchar. “You can change your position over time when you see economic times have changed or there’s something that you need to do differently and not be rigid, but this seems very strange to me when it was just three months ago.”

Full video of the Klobuchar-Bills debate

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