Cravaack: Audience Guns Would Have Stopped Aurora Shootings

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Rep. Cravaack says a gun toting audience member could have stopped the Aurora, CO shootings

Click photo to watch Rep. Cravaack say a gun toting audience member could have stopped the Aurora, CO shootings

Congressman Chip Cravaack (R ) says the tragic shootings in Aurora, Colorado could have been stopped if someone in the audience had a gun. He makes the comment during a debate with Democrat Rick Nolan in Cambridge, Minnesota.

After the debate, Nolan told The UpTake that we’ll never know if an audience gun could have stopped the shooting. But Nolan says he supports a ban on assault weapons that Congress has let lapse. And while he supports second amendment rights he says “I don’t want to see people walking into movie theaters and classrooms with assault rifles.”

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Gary Eichten (Debate Minnesota):
After the Aurora shooting earlier this summer and I would parenthetically add the Minneapolis workplace shooting here a couple of weeks ago, do you think, do we need further restrictions on gun ownership.

Chip Cravaack
Not one more law would have banned the tragedies that happened in Aurora and also in Minneapolis. One more law wouldn’t have. But I tell you what would have. If I, if there was another person in that audience that had a weapon that would have been able to protect themselves and their fellow audience members.

Mike McIntee (The UpTake)
He made the comment that if there was a gun in the audience in Aurora, Colorado that would have stopped the shooting. I know you did not really get a chance to respond to that. What was your take on that? Would that have made a difference?

Rick Nolan:
We’ll never know the answer to that question. And the question in the debate here was about second amendment rights and I support second amendment rights. You know having said that, I support the ban on assault weapons. I don’t need an assault weapon to shoot a duck or a deer. And I don’t want to see people walking into movie theaters and classrooms with assault rifles. There have always been restrictions of one sort or another. You can’t have machine guns and bazookas and rocket propelled grenades. But I feel very very strongly about protecting second amendment rights so that people can have protection and they can have the opportunity to go hunting.

Now talking about the NRA. Second Amendment rights aren’t for going hunting. Second amendment rights is having an armed citizenry. I’ve been endorsed by the NRA. I’ve gotten an “A” with the NRA, Congressman you got an “F” because when you were in Congress you wanted to ban handguns, regulate ammunition and you’ve gone out publicly and said that you would reinstate the assault ban. I think what we’re doing is we’re taking guns away from law abiding citizens and letting crooks who don’t care the laws, have those weapons.

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