Voter Intimidation Billboards Come Down In Wisconsin

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These billboards are coming down

These billboards are coming down

Billboards designed to intimidate people into not voting are coming down in Milwaukee. Clear Channel Outdoor, the company that leases out the billboard space, came under pressure from community groups which said the billboards were aimed at suppress the vote in low-income and minority communities.

Ann Jacobs, a lawyer working with election protection group 866-OUR VOTE told The UpTake that these billboards are part of a greater attempt to intimidate voters that has been escalating over the past few years.

But it’s not the message that got the billboards pulled down. It’s the anonymity of a “private family foundation” which sponsored the billboard that ultimately caused Clear Channel Outdoor to pull the plug.

“These billboards violate our policy of not accepting anonymous political ads.” said a written statement from Jim Cullinan, Vice President of Corporate Communications for Clear Channel Outdoor.

Similar billboards have been put up in previous election years by a “private family foundation” that refused to identify itself.

Clear Channel Outdoor says as space permits messages that say “Skip the election day line – vote early,” will start going up on digital bulletins, digital posters and transit shelter totems.

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