Marriage Prayer Posted Near Poll Concerns MN Voters

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Click image of letter to watch the video

Click image of letter to watch the video

Alerted by Twitter and Facebook posts, The UpTake’s Jacob Wheeler finds a letter from the Archbishop talking about marriage being between “one man and one woman” is posted near a polling place that also happens to be a church.

The letter is about 70 feet from the polling place at St. Joseph’s catholic church in West St. Paul, Minnesota. Lines to the polling place do not go by the letter, however some voters have complained about it since people are voting today on a proposed constitutional amendment that would limit marriage to “one man, one woman” and not allow same sex couples to get married.

A “vote yes” on the amendment sign was also in a hallway near the polling place, but an election judge has moved it out of sight. However, the prayer however remains posted.

Michael McIntee

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