Franken Gets Laughs In Debate With McFadden – Video Highlights

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Senator Al Franken At Duluth Debate

Senator Al Franken At Duluth Debate

If there’s one number Mike McFadden wants you to remember it’s 97. If there’s one thing Senator Al Franken wants you to remember is that a survey found Ted Cruz is the most non-partisan Senator. Yes, the same Ted Cruz who led the charge to shutdown the U.S. government. Confused? Watch the video and you’ll get it.

We’ve edited together some of the highlights of the U.S. Senate debate between Franken and McFadden in Duluth, Minnesota on October 1, 2014. You can see the entire debate here

Franken talked to the press after the debate and was asked about the 97% figure that McFadden slipped into many of his answers. His reply to that and more in the post-debate video below.

Franken says that not all investment bankers put profits over people, but he questions candidate McFadden’s incorporation of his company in Bermuda, a move that avoids U.S. taxes. Franken met briefly with reporters after the candidate debate in Duluth, MN, October 1, 2014. McFadden’s representative joined the reporters, but the candidate was not available.

Partial transcript:
Bill Sorem – The UpTake: Was it 97 or 98 percent?

Senator Al Franken
You know I can’t remember because he didn’t say it enough.
You know those numbers are sliced and diced, you know as I said … one of the things he said or quoted was that Cruz was one of the most bi-partisan senators. (laughs) so …

Are any investment bankers qualified to be in the US Senate or is it just the way Mike McFadden, his career that’s prioritized profits over people?

Well, I think that there are investment bankers that don’t prioritize profits over people. So I think that’s unfortunate. I think that a business experience is important. I think that when you haven’t held public office and that you’re touting your business experience as a qualification for office, then that is open to, it should be examined.

How has he done that exactly. What are the missteps he’s made at crucial times that have put people underneath money.

Well, we pointed out that the company that he called his company is incorporated in Bermuda … there for one purpose which is to avoid paying taxes. They take advantage of all the infrastructure of the United States, all the education, all the legal and market regulation to make sure we’re a safe place to do business, but don’t pay for it and leave that to middle class Minnesotans.

Senator you obviously have an extensive public record that he was able to go after today. You accused him of cherry picking your record. Give some examples of that where he was, you know, picking out of an extensive five-year record.

Well, yeah I mean for example this “ I have forty times voted for raising taxes, or higher taxes”, their rational there is if I voted to get rid of a tax break for the oil or gas companies, a subsidy, billions of dollars of subsidies to some of the biggest companies in the world, that’s me voting for tax hikes.

I voted against the Ryan budget which would have cut taxes dramatically for the people at the very top. So there I voted for higher taxes because I voted against a tax cut for people at the top. And it goes on and on. This has been looked at. These are procedural votes.

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