Gov. Dayton Calls for $11 Billion In Minnesota Transportation Funding

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Dayton Makes Transportation Proposal

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Dayton Makes Transportation Proposal

How much money is it going to take to undo the decades of neglect Minnesota roads have suffered? Governor Mark Dayton’s calculation is about $11 billion. In a transportation proposal unveiled Monday, Dayton called for investing $6 billion over the next ten years to address the state’s highway funding deficit, investing $2.356 billion in local government transportation projects, and providing $2.92 billion for Metro and Greater Minnesota transit systems.

Governor Dayton says this is what it will take to pay for those investments:
-6.5 percent gross receipts tax on gasoline
-raising the current 1.25 percent base tax on vehicle registration fees to 1.5 percent
-raising car registration fees by $10.

The Governor’s plan would also require Minnesota’s Department of Transportation to be more efficient so the state would get $6 billion of work for $5.38 billion in new funding.

Video above: Dayton’s press conference on his transportation proposal
Video below: Minnesota lawmakers react

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