President Carter Speaks With Students In Minneapolis

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Bill Sorem

Jimmy Carter Speaks To Students At Augsburg College

President Jimmy Carter traveled to Minneapolis Friday as part of a Nobel Peace Prize forum. Before he attended the forum, he stopped off at Augsburg College to speak to about 530 Kindergarten-12th grade students. Students welcomed him with a standing ovation. Carter then bluntly described many of the problems the world faces today noting that more people are in slavery than there was during the civil war. Many of those are girls who are sex slaves.

Carter answered questions from students including what kind of sacrifices he had to make to become president. Carter said he had to sacrifice his privacy, however the reward was worth it. He has access to world leaders to advance the causes he cares about and “when I speak, sometimes people listen.”

Carter then addressed the Nobel Peace Prize Forum with a speech entitled “A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power.” Carter’s Vice President Walter Mondale was scheduled to introduce him, but Mondale was at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester with the flu.

Video at top: Highlights of Carter speaking to students at Augsburg College
Videos below:
Full replay of Carter speaking to students at Augsburg College.
Full replay of Carter speaking at Nobel Peace Prize Forum.

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