House Speaker Daudt Called Dictator As MN House Raucously Adjourns

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House Speaker Kurt Daudt Presides Over An Adjournment Call

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House Speaker Kurt Daudt Presides Over An Adjournment Call

Update- On Monday March 23, DFL House members filed a protest and dissent letter against Speaker Kurt Daudt. The letter can be found here: DFL House Protest Letter

On Thursday, Rep. Ryan Winkler (DFL-Golden Valley) is heard saying House Speaker Kurt Daudt is “acting like a dictator” when Daudt ignores very loud calls for a roll call vote on a motion to adjourn. House Minority Leader Paul Thissen asks for the roll call.

“Are you kidding me? This is outrageous” says one of the Representatives.

Daudt starts to respond to Winkler’s dictator remark and then stops and announces that the House is adjourned.

The motion to adjourn came from Rep. Jim Knoblach (R- St. Cloud) after the Republican majority voted down debating a bill to improve funding for nursing homes. Under House rules, a motion to adjourn can not be debated, but it is customary to have a roll call vote on any motion if more than 15 members request it.


At top video of the adjournment call

Complete video of Thursday’s House floor session

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