Special Session Likely As House Ends In Chaos

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House Session Ends In Chaos

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House Session Ends In Chaos

Leaders from both the House and the Senate appeared to be resigned to a special session to deal with an expected veto from Governor Mark Dayton and possible finish legislation that was not passed by midnight.

Above is video of the final 90 seconds of the House session where the jobs, economic development and energy bill was voted on and passed despite calls for discussion. One member is heard saying the bill is 93 pages long and nobody has gotten a copy of it.

UPDATE: Wrong bill number apparently announced before final House vote.

It appears Governor Mark Dayton watched this video as well.

Senate calmer

In contrast, adjournment in the Minnesota Senate was done with a sense of history. After the closing gavel sounded, Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk gave a speech about how the Senate chamber is about to be torn up and how the renovation of the capitol is needed because it was never designed for open public meetings that have been mandated since the open meetings law was passed in the 1970s. Bakk also indicated strongly that he expects that there will be a special session to deal with unfinished legislation. Senate Minority Leader David Hann also offered remarks.

Video at top: House adjourns amid chaos
Video below: Senate adjourns and talks history

Note: an earlier version of this story incorrectly said the House was voting on the agricultural bill. The vote was on the jobs, economic development and energy bill that had been announced by the House clerk as “an act relating to agriculture.”

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One thought on “Special Session Likely As House Ends In Chaos

  1. Tom Bakk is a shameful corporate hack, and needs to announce he is a republican. People of northern MN have been duped by this ALEC lobbyist.