Special Session Gets More Complicated With More Dayton Vetoes -Full News Conference Audio

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Gov Mark Dayton

Gov Mark Dayton

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton made an expected special session of the legislature even more complicated by vetoing two more bills on Saturday. He has vetoed the omnibus agricultural, environment and natural resources bill and the omnibus jobs and energy bill.

Dayton said the first bill undermined decades of environmental protections and the second one fell short in funding several critical areas.

The governor did say he signed the omnibus state government finance bill despite a section that outsources some duties of the State Auditor to private auditors. Dayton said he would make fixing that section a part of any special session he calls.

Earlier this week Dayton vetoed the E-12 education bill in part because it did not fund his proposal for universal pre-school.

Dayton has not set a date for a special session and probably won’t until he negotiates the scope and likely outcomes of the session with House Speaker Kurt Daudt and Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk.

Once the legislature is called into special session it can deal with as many issues and go as long as members want.

News conference audio and veto letters

Above: Audio of Governor Dayton’s full news conference
Below: links to Dayton’s veto letters.

Governor Dayton vetoed the following bills today. Veto letters, explaining the Governor’s objections to these bills, are included in the links below.

Chapter 79, HF 846: This is the omnibus agriculture, environment, and natural resources finance bill. This bill passed 83-50 in the House and 35-30 in the Senate. Click here to read Governor Dayton’s veto letter.

Chapter 80, HF 1437: This is the omnibus jobs and energy bill. The bill appropriates money to state agencies involved with economic and workforce development, labor and industry, housing, commerce, and energy. This bill passed with a vote of 75-9 in the House and by 34-29 in the Senate. Click here to read Governor Dayton’s veto letter.

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