Video And Other Evidence Released In Jamar Clark Shooting

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Freeze Frame of "Braylock" video in Jamar Clark case

Hennepin County Attorney's Office

Freeze Frame of "Braylock" video in Jamar Clark case

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said he was releasing all of the video in the police killing of Jamar Clark. We’re posting it here as we get it.

Freeman declined to charge either of the officers in the case today.

Freeman said the biggest question in the investigation was whether Clark was handcuffed when a police officer shot him. Freeman said there was conflicting testimony from witnesses about that, but DNA and other lab tests showed the handcuffs were not on Clark when he was shot.

Statements from the police officers said Clark was attempting to grab an officers gun and they feared for their lives when they decided to shoot Clark. According to statements from the officers Clark said “I’m ready to die” just before they shot him.

Videos and reports
At top: “Braylock” video. One of six edited videos shown at Freeman’s news conference.
Below: links to reports and more videos as we post them Please note: not all links are live yet. We are still waiting for those documents or videos to be posted.

Report of the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office regarding the shooting death of Jamar Clark on November 15, 2015 (PDF)

Mike Freeman’s statement – March 30, 2016 (3 documents)
Introduction Of Decision (PDF)
Legal Standards Explanation (PDF)
Clark Chronology (PDF)

Ambulance Clark Rear View – Reversed

Ambulance Hayes Rear View – Reversed

Ambulance Hayes Rear View – Reversed 2

Ambulance Hayes Rear View – Reversed 3

Ambulance Hayes Rear View – Reversed 4

Alphabetized list of related videos, audio, and documents

911 audio and transcript

Ambulance videos – Jamar Clark (YouTube)

Ambulance videos – RayAnn Hayes (YouTube)

Autopsy report

BCA lab reports and photos – redacted

BCA reports – redacted

Danny Braylock cell phone video (YouTube)

Dennis Cherry YouTube video (YouTube)

Fleeing case – July 2015 (PDF)

Incident detail reports

Jamar Clark photos at HCMC

 MPD reports – redacted

 Officer photos – MPD crime lab

Pole camera surveillance video (YouTube)

Public housing surveillance videos (YouTube)

Scene photos – MPD crime lab

Scene video (YouTube)

Search warrants

ShotSpotter audio

Squad videos (YouTube)

Video obtained from a known adult female (YouTube)

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