Gov Dayton Puts Economic Pressure On Mississippi Over Anti-LGBTQ Law

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Governor Mark Dayton Speaks To Environmental Groups

Bill Sorem

Governor Mark Dayton Speaks To Environmental Groups

Reacting to a new Mississippi law that allows religious groups and business to decline to provide services to people based on their sexual orientation, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton today instructed all state employees to refrain from any non-essential travel to Mississippi until the law is repealed.

Last Saturday Dayton issued a similar order instructing state employees to refrain from non-essential travel to North Carolina, following the enactment of discriminatory laws in that state.

Dayton issued a statement saying “This act of discrimination is discriminatory against many Mississippi residents, and violates their Constitutional rights. We cannot allow this injustice to go unanswered. When the rights of some Americans are threatened, it is the responsibility of all Americans to stand in opposition to those discriminatory acts.

“Minnesota has made great progress to protect the rights and dignity of all people in our state. Now, we will do what we can as Minnesotans, to support and defend the rights of others.”

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